Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ouch My Aching Thumb!

I wanted to share this since a lot of other crocheters look at my blog.
About six weeks ago, i woke up with a sore thumb. As time went on it progressively got worse. It started out in the morning when i woke i had to move my thumb with my other hand just to get it to bend. Then when i could, it was like it was locking/clicking like a rusty hinge.

I had been crocheting a lot of door snakes which puts a lot of pressure on my hands. I still didn't connect the link since I'm right handed, and this was my left thumb. I didn't injure it by a fall etc., I just woke up with it not being right.

I waited a good 2 weeks before going to the doctor, figuring it would resolve itself, it didn't. At times it felt like someone was bending my thumb backwards when i turned it a certain way.
So the Dr tells me it's tendonitis. I need to get a thumb splint and to give the tendon some rest for it to heal.

Well the splint (i got from Amazon $9) does help. I've been wearing it 90% of the time for the past two weeks. I still take it off to bend my thumb a bit as i don't want it to atrophy.
So today, i took it off as i needed to wash a pie dish i wanted to use. I don't know what i did, but the pain just about made me cry. It was the worst pain ever. It felt like my thumb broke. It took me rubbing it and putting it back in the splint before i got any relief.
So anyway, it's ok if i leave the splint on. I just hope this heals up soon.  It's ironic, i crochet to make money that pays for my health insurance so i can go to the dr when i hurt myself crocheting!  I still am crocheting, but not anything that requires a lot of tension. So just make sure to give your hands / fingers a break from crocheting as much as possible.


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