Monday, July 31, 2017

Crocheting For Less. My Crocheted Basket for $5.69

Here's a basket i'm currently working on. I spent a total of $5.69

I bought 150 feet (50 yards)  roll of vintage cord called Super California Cord. 100% Poly Olefin. I t looks like it's intended use was to make a macrame plant hanger per it's enclosed directions on the inside label. It also had an original store price tag from Ben Franklin for $2.99. (The company went bankrupt and closed these stores in 1996–1997) I bought it at Goodwill for 69 cents. It was a lot bigger, but i already started using it on the basket. I love the vintage labels too.

Then i bought 12 skeins of yarn (private sale off Facebook) I joined some "garage sale etc" groups in my town on Facebook. There you can do a search for yarn. If there's no yarn at the time, you can set it to notify you when someone list yarn for sale. it was also vintage- Caron Aunt Lydia's Craft & Rug yarn 60 yards 100% polyester 3 ply White 0805. Original price tag from Joyce's .99 cents.
I got 12 skeins for $5.00

Both say washable and shrink resistant too :)

So i decided to start making a basket to store-what else-my yarn.

I started by curling up the end of the blue cord and single crocheting around it with the white rug yarn until it was nice and tight. Then continued to crochet over the cord as i coiled it. I worked over the cord and into the single crochets below. I did increases as needed in each row , and if it got too wavy, i just did a row without increases until it was the width i wanted. I believe i went to 13 rows. Then i did a even row, then i did a slight decrease row with a dec after every 20 scs (give or take). That helps the basket not look bowed out so much at the bottom.

 Now i'm continuing working evenly around until it's the size i want, or the yarns run out, whichever comes first. I'll post a picture when it's finished.

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