Saturday, April 18, 2020

New Item Sore Ear Savers

This is not a medical device and is not endorsed by any medical agency. I am not a medical professional.

Help essential workers with this Sore Ear Saver (SES)! Helps keep the elastic from rubbing on the ears from masks. Just slip the elastic ends over the buttons behind the head, allowing a worker’s tired ears a reprieve.

It is made from acrylic yarn and wood buttons.

It is said to be safe to put in an autoclave for disinfecting. I don't know how an autoclave works, so use your own judgement. Otherwise it's washer/dryer safe warm temp. No bleach. Each button was attached with the same yarn for extra strength.

More colors being added but if you have a color preference, send me a message and i will do my best to accommodate. Colors may appear slightly different than shown due to device being used for viewing.

Reusable- Washable (no bleach) Please follow your rules for disinfecting.

Approx. Size:

3 inches x 1 inch Will stretch slightly

The size was based on the pattern i followed and tried on an adult male head.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

More Nest Shipped Out Today

I shipped out 13 crocheted nests in mixed sizes to a wildlife rescue in North Carolina today. Here's a photo , one large not shown.

Last week i sent out my first 5 nests to a rescue in Florida. I was able to send out more this time as i found a cheaper mailing source, almost half of what i paid the last time. 

I donate my materials, crocheting and shipping costs. If you would like to help me out , proceeds from my shop, Debbie Crochets will assist in covering the shipping costs and supplies associated with sending cost-free nests to wildlife rehabilitators around the world

For the price of a sale of just a hanging kitchen towel, i can ship out a bunch of nests, or if you wish, you can make a donation to my Paypal (link on the right) Thank you

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Crocheting Nests for Wildlife Rescues

I am a registered volunteer. I just sent out my first shipment of 5 small hanging cave nests to a wildlife rescue in Florida. If you would like to help cover my expenses, visit my shop Debbie Crochets on Etsy. Sales from my shop will help towards the shipping, shipping supplies and yarn. Thank you

Monday, July 1, 2019

Vintage Rug Yarn

Here's a rug i started making from some vintage rug yarn. It sure is easier then cutting up t shirts. (that's another project i'm working on) It is a bit rough on my hands though. I doubled up the yarn to give it more weight. Not sure how big it will end up to be. It all depends on when the yarn runs out. Stay tuned

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Small, Simple Project Phone/Water Bottle Pouch. Use Any Yarn or Hook Size.

This is so simple. You can use any size hook, and any yarn you want.

Make a chain a little wider than the width of your phone. then do a sc in each ch across. Make 3 scs in the end, depending on how wide you want to make it, you can add more, My phone measures 6 x 3 inches in this photo. Then sc in each ch down the other side, do 2 scs in last ch. Do not join-work in continuous spiral throughout.

After about 2-3 rows, check to see how snug your phone fits. If it's a little wide, just make a couple of sc decreases, 1 on each side should do it, do more if you need ti. Then just continue until it's the height you want. Add your strap by doing a chain as long as you like, go back over with a row of scs. Connect at the opposite end. The one i made here also fits a water bottle. The final measurement came out to by 7 x 4 - one inch bigger than my phone.

I wanted mine to be a bit thicker as to add protection, so i used one strand of ww acrylic and one strand of wavy homespun yarn held together.

I do have a few of these in stock if you would like to purchase them:

Cross Body Cell Phone / Water Bottle Pouch iPhone Sling Carrier Light Blue