Monday, August 30, 2010

August is NOT my favorite month!

August is not my favorite month. It is the height of hurricane season. The systems are really spinning off the African coast now and already two major systems have developed. Thankfully, not coming here to Florida, but close.
The storms really make swimming in the ocean dangerous.Even with all the warnings , people still go into the water. There where 20 rescues just yesterday and one death earlier in the week.I will stick with my pool, thank you.
So I will be keeping my news channel on a little bit more as you can never 100% predict the track of a hurricane.

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Stitch 'n Frog said...

Well, you could move up here with us, in south-central Georgia. ~GBG~ Usually all we get from the hurricanes are tropical storms.

We've been hearing about the rip-tide rescues. You would think that people would not go into rivers or oceans if they cannot swim, but they obviously do. The first thing my father taught me after we moved to Jacksonville, was how to swim out of a rip-tide. My parents had already made sure I could swim with lessons.

I hope that you and your home will be safe through this and all future storms.

hugs~ ~ ~