Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My dog is sick

My dog Max is sick. I think it may be a tooth as he's been rubbing his face and whining. He also has started to loose weight. I switched him over to soft food and he has been eatting it (loves it), but now it is giving him bathroom problems. I just had to put my other dog down a couple of months ago with cancer, and had to borrow money for that. I don't have the money for the vet, and there's no animal clinics that will help. I am asking that if you could help me by passing along my sites, Debs Crochet on Etsy http://www.debs1967.etsy.com and Debs Crochet on ArtFire http://www.artfire.com/users/DebsCrochet as so I can make some sales with my crochet and get the money to take him to the vet.Thank you in advance

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Ruth Cox aka abitosunshine said...

Deb, I do hope Max is feeling better by now. I lost my Scratch in May and now have issues with her Momma Tidbit.