Saturday, May 7, 2011

Big Spider

Well since I gave you a snake yesterday, here's a spider. It's called a Southern House Spider. Non poisonous, but a bite from it would not be fun.
This one has been harassing me, picking on me and even flipped me off tonight...well maybe not, but it's been giving me the slip just to show up again. It's about 2-3 inches long? I took this picture as i was on my computer and it stopped by right in front of me on the wall about one foot away.. Too close for me! It even looks like it's got a big grin on it's face!
I don't like to squash anything that could possibly squash back, so i had to look for some spay. Great it's upstairs..empty! Maybe some Windex will work. So I made up my "bug spray" that i had to mix in a Fabreeze bottle. I head back downstairs, and it's gone! Where, I don't know.So i hang out upstairs for a while and then i start back downstairs and that sucker climbed across the ceiling and was all crouched up in the doorway. I think it spotted me as it tried to flatten it's body far up in the corner like some kind of Ninja. I got you now. I go to bast it forgetting i used a friggen Fabreeze bottle so it just gave a mist. It thanked me for the refreshing shower, and it took off again saying "I'll be back!" I think it may have mooned me. 

Oh yeah..Happy Mothers Day


Richard Rose said...

Good job we don't get many that size around here. My wife freaks when she sees even a small spider. Sometime I remove them from the house but sometimes I just have to squash them.

Stitch 'n Frog said...

Why not dub him/her your Official Fly and Insect Patrolman? Don't they like insects for lunch? He could be a good addition to your household . . . maybe?

And he/she does seem to be quite an entertainer for you~:o)

Anonymous said...

I am TERRIFIED of spiders. That being said ~ as long as they stay outside or near/on the ceiling, we do co-exist in MY (I pay the bills ~ they don't pay anything!) home. However, I do make the exception to co-exist with these critters if/when they venture down into MY territory. They seem to understand this and stay up high. Thanks, Deb, for the picture of your "friend" and the many crochet patterns.

Lovely Linda