Sunday, May 29, 2011

Something a little different Hair Snoods

I received a custom request last night for a hair snood. What is a hair snood you ask? Well they where more popular during the Renaissance era, but are making a comeback . They are also known as Tams. They are pretty as well as functional. The open work crochet allows it to be cool, yet provides a way to keep your hair in place. She will be wearing one to her sons wedding that is having a Renaissance theme.
I made a couple more after I made hers. I have them listed in my Artfire shop  



Unknown said...

I wore snoods growing up - we were Civil War Re-enactors. I was inspired by your post and decided to make one for myself. It took about 2 hours but here I sit with a new snood *chuckles* Thanks! I do have a general question - do you use etsy or no? Also, if you have used etsy, which do you prefer: etsy or artfire?

Debs Crochet said...

Hi Cris
Glad i was able to give you some inspiration for your crochet project.
I actually use both Etsy & Artfire & have a few items on Zibbet. I really can't say if one is better than the other. I think a lot depends on how much time and listings you put into each site. I have been on Etsy the longest and have more listed there,so if i went in order that way it would be Etsy, Artfire then Zibbet.
With Etsy you pay a listing fee per item and they get a bit of your sale. Artfire & Zibbet offer free basic accounts and you keep all the money, but has limited features unless you upgrade to pro account.
Hope that helps
Have a great night