Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Crochet Today

I have been busy working on another multi colored rug and some more towels. I am actually looking for something new to make that won''t rack my brain with details. I am trying to stock up my shop for the holidays. I can't believe they're almost here already!

I also have been loving that site i joined called Superpoints. I put it on the top of my list of Sites That Don't Suck. I have already made $65.00 in just one month! My favorite thing to do is the lucky button. You have your choice of what you want to do to earn Superpoints such as view videos,do surveys and more.Once you get to the gold level, you earn what your referrals earn (first level) It's by invite only, and only avail. in the U.S. If your interested, just let me know and i will send you a link as it's by invite only.
Have a good night-Deb

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Lucy said...

some here, but I, for some reason, am being very lazy and not wanting to do anything. maybe I will just add some of my older bags...