Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Found A Great Crochet Pattern Shop On Etsy

As a crocheter, i find myself always looking for something new to work on. I rarely make toys, but when i came across Erin's Toy Store on Etsy, I couldn't wait to get started on one of her patterns. Erin has so many cute toy patterns to choose from. I figured i could get a jump start on birthday & Christmas gifts for next year. I started out with the Stewie and Bryan Griffin Crochet Patterns. I finished Bryan in two days The pattern was easy to follow and i am very pleased with the results. I got these for only fifty cents (one of her specials) There's many other characters to choose from with very affordable prices. I give Erin's Toy Store an A plus!

One thing i would recommend is to follow the pattern for the pupil the way it's written. I tried it my own way, and it came out a bit bigger. Still cute, but i should have followed the exact directions.
So anyway, here's how my Bryan turned out:


Anonymous said...

He came out very nicely. Big isn't always bad - more to cuddle.
.50 for a pattern is a great deal. Over the holidays I got a couple of new patterns on Etsy for .99.

Stitch 'n Frog said...

Another shop I think you would like is

She has some great patterns that are well written and illustrated with photos. I love both of the shops.