Friday, January 20, 2012

How To Make T Yarn From Old T Shirts

How To Make T Yarn From Old T Shirts

Let's face it, yarn is getting expensive. I wanted to find a way to save money and I even managed to accomplish some recycling.I have made some great items like totes and rugs from old cotton t shirts that i purchased from my local thrift store.(sales proceeds go to area food banks-another plus) Here I will explain how you can make T Yarn . Be warned, i got a nasty blister on my thumb when i first started this. You need a good sharp pair of scissors!

How to make t yarn

The best t shirts i find to use are cotton ones with no side seams and no transfers. You start by cutting the t shirt in half just below the arms.Now starting at the cut part of the bottom half of the t shirt, start cutting. I use my thumb nail as a width guide as i cut. Work in a spiral until you get to the hem at the end of the shirt. End cut, leave the seam aside.
Now if you don't have a blister from all that cutting, take the end of your cut strip you just made and pull it a little with both hands to stretch it out. working your way to the end. You will see it curl up on itself ( your t yarn is born) Repeat this process a billion times more (give or take) for your desired project.

The cutting

Making the "yarn"

Something Old into Something New

Rag rug close up made with t shirts

This is a close up of one of the rugs i made with t shirt yarn. I found that a size N hook worked the best. I also work over the ends instead of sewing together and it comes out fine. I use single crochet stitches. After i finish my rug i take it out on my deck and hose it off. This helps get rid of any loose fibers and shapes it nicely. I then hang it over my railing to dry.
Hexagon Rag Rug
Hexagon Rag Rug crocheted from T shirts


Mami Made It said...

Wonderful rug! Making yarn out of t-shirt is on my to-do-list. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to start a rug from Tshirts, however, how do you crochet over the ends when joining the strips together, won't it undo after a couple of washings or use?
Thanking you in advance,


Debs Crochet said...

I advise everyone just to hose off the rugs and let air dry. They get pretty heavy when wet, and the last thing you want to do is break your washer, plus they'll last longer.
I leave a end long enough (about the length of my finger as so it doesn't come out and stitch over it good. Feel free to sew it though if you wish.