Friday, February 17, 2012

I Am Invited To A Baby Shower.....With One Weeks Notice!

I was given just one weeks notice that i was invited to a baby shower for my soon to be g.g. nephew. Apparently the one hosting it had a major mix up sending out the invitations. So i've been busy crocheting some gifts for the little guy.

I've managed to finish a sweater & hat combo and a bear hat. I also made a pair of slippers for my friend (shhh don't tell her, it's a surprise)

The pictures aren't the best as i normally use natural light outside, but since it's just about 1:00 am, this is the best i can do with the indoor lighting.

Actually the pictures didn't come out that bad. :)

I made the sweater set with soft acrylic (white) and a regular acrylic for the blue trim.
I made the bear hat with a yarn I had laying around called homespun. It's a bulky but soft yarn. I had no idea what i was going to use it for, but it worked out great for the hat.
And the slippers i used 2 strands of acrylic worsted weight yarn. I have mine on now and they're really comfy-cozy. I'm sure she will like them.She only wears a size 5, so i had to do a bit of re adjusting the pattern i had to make these.
Besides these, i did make a couple more hanging kitchen towels for the Etsy shop
And on that note, i really need to give my hands a break...until tomorrow.

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