Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting Some Crocheting Done

Well my supplier received a new shipment of towels in, so i bought a bunch. This lot is very bright and colorful. I took the last of all the retro flower ones they had. I have people ask if i can do custom towels/colors all the time. The problem is the availability. I've started adding this note in the towel listings:

Towels are made and listed as i get them. My supplier is always changing the towels. So if you like something, I would advise get it asap as the same towel may not be available again. Sometimes i luck out and there's plenty of the same towel design available, but i can't make any guarantees.

I also decided to not include a shipping cost for outside of the U.S. as the postal rates have doubled to some parts. I find it easier that if someone messages me, i can look up a cost rather than try to guess.

So  i have a lot of crochet to get done. I also wanted to mention, if you need any buttons, visit
 Little Red Cottage on Etsy. Michele has a nice variety and the prices are very reasonable & fast shipping. I have gotten many orders from her, and have always been pleased.

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