Friday, November 29, 2013

CircumNews Update: I Just Made Cash Out

I just made cash out today
Welcome, Deb.
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Account status: professional.
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Your balance: $362.94
Payments: no.
System: PayPal.
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You need to make at least $350. to cash out, but as you can see from the beginning of this blog, i only started earlier this month. They just changed the cashout threshold from $100, although a part of there site says it's $100. Regardless, if this pays out as it claims is 14 workdays, it will be the most i've made on any pay site for the amount of time. I'll update again when the money comes through (fingers crossed) If anyone wants to join, my referral link is

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2013-11-29 17:48:44     DEBS***@***     $362.94     in process

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