Sunday, July 20, 2014

So Here's How i'm Doing at Superpoints

I loved that site. It was the one that you pushed the button to win prizes. The suddenly just closed down, but now they're back! So cool! It was one of my favorites.

Here's from their site:
Get 2,500 for each person that becomes a member using your unique invite link! Also, every member in your network earns you bonus Superpoints!
Distribute this link by copying and pasting it in an email, on Facebook, Twitter, or SMS:

Then they added this after i joined:

NOTE: In order to receive your referral bonus, the person you invited needs to complete the sign up process AND achieve the Bronze Membership Level.
 I figured i would still stick it out since it doesn't cost anything unless i wanted to pay $14.95 to advance up to the Platinum level instead of getting the required referrals etc.
Right now, i'm on the Bronze level with 15 referrals, but unless these referrals advance to the bronze level as well, i won't get the referral points, I do get some points of what they win on the button however, the biggest i got was 5,000 points from one referrals spin. ..I guess it's an incentive for members to stick with it and not quit as the payoff will be nice when the referrals reach the Bronze level.
So far i have 24379 points to cash out towards quite a few selections, $10 gift cards and assorted gifts etc.

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