Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One Down, One to Go

Thanksgiving turned out pretty good. I ended up cooking the bird and all the fixings for ten,
I tried to get out of cooking for Christmas, but as usual, that's not going to be the case. Wow, holidays are supposed to be relaxing i thought. Oh well.

So in the meantime, i'm getting a lot of crochet done. I didn't go crazy with the gifts this year, i just got the boys some things they needed t shirts. I actually give my son Mike one of his gifts first. One of his sneakers came apart the other day at work, so he got that gift. Luckily they're not little anymore s they understand that i can't go into debt to get a bunch of stuff. As it is i will be paying for the few things i did get all year on my Fingerhut and Dept store credit cards. I was able to also get some things with the Amazon credits i saved up for using Superpoints website, so hubbys gift didn't cost e anything.

On the other hand, i'm still waiting to hear if the clinic will approve me to see an ENT or some dr to check out my throat. The plus side is either i'm just getting used to it (feeling of a rope around my neck at times) or maybe it was a side effect of the nicotine patch that i stopped using the other day. (two months now) It seems like it's hardly noticeable now. At least i'm eating and breathing. The bills are still coming in from my stay at the hospital. The one that got me said please pay upon reciept- something like $50,0000...Sure let me just check my Paypal LOL. All i can do is laugh. I'm lucky i can pay the $15 to go to the crappy clinic. Oh well.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays

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