Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Some New Towels, Something Plarn & Something for Me

I've been working on some new towels i picked up. My source is always changing the design so i never know what I'm going to get. Unfortunately unless i order them on line, the store has a limited supply.
So anyway, here's a couple of sets i've made so far:
Debbie Crochets
Debbie Crochets
As you can see, the two sets of rooster towels match except for the black lines on the first set. I have also started making some plarn (cut up plastic bags to use as yarn) I don't know what i'm going to make from it yet, but i have made bags from it before. Here's one i did in tan and yellow.


I also treated myself with the Amazon credits i received from  Swagbucks to the fifth season of OZ (mini series from HBO)
it's a show about a mens prison, you won't see Dorothy or Toto here. Anyway, I'm addicted to the show and have been doing Swagbucks and some other sites that pay in Amazon credits so i can get the dvds. This one after using my credits, cost me a grand total of 9 cents! I buy them used on Amazon and never had a problem. Now i'm saving up for season 6 which i believe is the last one :( 
So that's it for now. Until next time :)

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RecycleCindy said...

Cute towel toppers and I love the colors you used in your plarn purse.