Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Turning Something Old Into Something New

Here's something i came up with using old cotton t shirts. A pair of trivets. The turtle trivet is a single layer, while the square one is a double thickness. Sold together in my shop. More coming soon though may be different.

Use as hot pads , decor or even good to sop up a quick spill.
The Turtle measures approx 7 inches across x 10 tall. It's tail doubles as a hanging loop.
The square hot pad measures approx 7x7 and is double thick. Front and back designs differ a little in pattern and colors. One side is white with blue and the other side is white with a pinkish color.

Table Trivet Set / Hot Pad Set / Upcycled Cotton Hot Pads / Recycled Cotton T Shirts / Turtle Trivet / Square Hotpad

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