Saturday, October 31, 2015

Need Advice. Should I Just Close Shop?

Reaching out to my fellow crafters that sell on line for some advice

Here's my dilemma, I have done everything i can think of and then some to get more shop views, signed up with tweet jukebox, do promoted listings, participate in groups,treasuries.Too many to mention... I spend just about all day and into the late night promoting/crocheting. etc. Here's the breakdown of the past few years for the month of October i've been selling on here.

Status for month (rounded off)

Oct. 2015
Views (as of now) 38,000 Not a typo
Sales 10

Oct 2014
Views 18,000
Sales 16

Oct 2013
Views 8,000
Sales 14

Oct 2012
Views 4,000
Sales 10

Without showing the actual amounts, i can tell you since Oct 2013, my revenue has dropped like a rock..more than 50%. I keep adding fresh items, retake photos when i think they could be better etc. I have been selling on here since 2009.

Is there any suggestions on what to do? Is this something out of our control? Maybe it's just time to close up shop or just consider it a hobby. I rely on my sales to pay for my meds/insurance and i'm barely making it, Crochet also helps with my anxiety. I don't even know if i could get a job outside the home with this anxiety and hot flashes crap. Anyway, this old dog needs to learn new tricks-like how to search my "target audience"etc. Thanks in advance

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