Monday, April 24, 2017

Bunny in PJ's

Well my thumb appears to be slowly healing and I've been crocheting more. I have strayed away from projects that caused me to put a lot of pressure on my thumb which may have been the cause of the tendonitis in the first place.

So Ive been doing mostly small projects, with the exception of a couple of stuffed bunnys, but i took my time with them. Not sure when i will be making more because i don't want to press my luck with my thumb.

 I have to keep crocheting to pay my health insurance as it is, but then i had to take my cat Buck to the vet this morning (worms-Yuck) That's $$$$ on the credit card :( Must crochet faster. So any sales appreciated.

Bunny Rabbit in PJ's

Bunny Rabbit in PJ's

Buck says Thank You

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