Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Broke My Own Rule

I broke my own rule about collecting a deposit from new customers for custom crochet work. 
The customer wanted me to make her a Husky hat. So after spending all day, lots of messages back and forth re: size, yarn etc.,
I came up with the following:

She liked it but then said her husband won't let her get it unless i dropped the price down like 25%. 
We had agreed on the price before i started, and i was giving her a break as it was!
I told her no i couldn't. As it was i spent to much time making it (for the price i was selling it for). Maybe she could find one somewhere else more in her price range. She thanked me, but then here's the kicker...She wanted to know if i had the pattern so maybe her mother could make it for her. The BALLS!
I said "No, i didn't write it down...."

So anyway, it's up for sale in my shop. It is adorable :)


Unknown said...

Wow. I'm so sorry. It's very cute and I'm sure it will soon find a forever home. :0

Unknown said...

People are so disrespectful :(

Unknown said...

Funny thing, I bought my granddaughter a hat made from felt with an animal face on it and ears. She loves it and it was 50% off so cost me $4.00. She saw a different one the other day, with another animal and took the one off her head and tried to switch it, but we caught her. That one was reduced too but it was near $8.00. She's 1 1/2 so she was just expressing herself - but these are machine made with felt pieces. Yours is hand crocheted. People do not respect the work that goes into handcrafting. I hope you are able to get a fair price.

Anonymous said...

Wow! People don't respect other people's time and effort. That is sad to hear. I hope you were able to sell the "custom" piece.

Debs Crochet said...

Thanks. Yes i did sell it :)