Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hookin' To Pay The Medical Bills

No it's not what you think..

I've always been the caregiver. I never get sick. The only time i was in the hospital over night was to have my kids-over 20 years ago.
So out of the blue last month, i couldn't swallow food and got scared. So i reluctantly went to the hospital. I was admitted. I have no health insurance.

After a bunch of tests, MRI's , cat scan, x rays, nerve tests, blood work, they did a scope down my throat .I ended up being diagnosed with GERD which is acid reflux (never even knew i had). They say that's what caused something called Barrets Esophagus. The acid goes up into the esophagus, thus the esophagus . takes on the same cells as the stomach as a way to protect it. The problem is, these cells don't belong there.
I will have to be watched that they don't turn cancerous, but very small chance since mine is just above the stomach.The acid also caused me to have two strictures (narrowing) in my upper esophagus.
They gave me a prescription to control the acid and stretched the strictures. It's been about three weeks now, and although a little better, i still only eat foods of baby food consistency.

The strictures are up behind my windpipe, that's why it's so bothersome. Actually it feels like i'm wearing a tight rope around my neck at times. Just afraid that it will close back up scares me.

I have given up smoking, eating foods i love, soda and coffee. All this in addition to this is really getting to me, not to mention all the bills that i continue to get in the mail from when i went to the hospital. Well i figure i will just do what i can. Trying to keep busy by crocheting and keeping my mind off it all the best i can.

That's what i meant about hookin to pay the bills. Feel free to check out my shop DEBBIE CROCHETS
I have a big selection of affordable crochet that would mike nice gifts for the holidays. Thanks in advance. Wish me luck.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Where Did The Summer Go ?

Wow time flies. I live in Florida, but i do enjoy the seeing people post the colors of Fall. It also inspires me to start crocheting some Fall /Winter themed items. Here's the latest.

Ghost Crochet Stuffed Amigurumi

Hanging Kitchen Towels Fall
Slipper Socks
Houndstooth Scarf
Doll Face Potholder

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Latest Crochet

I've been busy trying to stock up the shop for the holidays. My biggest sellers seem to be hanging kitchen towels and the towel hangers, so i've been making a lot of them.
I do get bored making the same thing, so i went ahead and made the model of my avatar


I also made some more slippers. Here's just one of the pairs.


That's pretty much what i've been doing. If you're interested in opening a new shop on Etsy, now's the time. They're offering your first 40 listings Free Check it out HERE

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Updates on New Sites , Ones That Don't Suck, and Some Now Do

Here's a few GOOD sites that pay I thought you may be interested in. I will put the newer ones at the top. The ones that changed to Does Now Suck are at the bottom

New  TSU (Like RedGage-Content sharing)
Join the Redgagers who used to make money here. This site seems to be the real deal.   invite link
I was invited by a fellow RedGage member who is very active onRedGage, so i' trusting him on this. Will give updates on how ie goes.

Superpoints They're Back!

The site closed a few years ago. Now it's back. I'm getting a lot of points, but saving up before cashing out.

Sponsored Tweets

You need to have an Twitter account and a decent amount of followers.
They send you links to various sites to tweet about. Not very often, so you don't get overwhelmed. Once you write your tweet, they will send it out for you. They give you suggested prices to charge per tweet, but you can set your own amount. Payout is at $50, but I think for the few minutes it takes, it's worth it. I'm at about $26. and I've been doing it 2-3 months. I will give a follow up when I cash out.

They send you invites to do surveys (can be any amount) and occasionally send you full size products to give a survey about. I received a full sized product, and did a 5 minute survey and made $40 . That was pretty decent.
They do take a while to pay, but they do.

Survey Savvy

 Pinecone. Pays for surveys, and sometimes gives free products. avg about $3.00 I've been with them for years.The payments generally go right into my Paypal the next day.
Pinecone Research

Now Does Suck:  :(
Gather-social networking site
A great site that pays you for sharing your content such as pictures etc. Nice way to meet people too. Pays based on points for your choice of prizes or gift cards or Paypal.

Update- Gone. Screwed members out of their remaining points and changed it to a news page. No money to be made here

Redgage-social networking site, similar to Gather
I joined it a while ago, but forgot about it. I started working on it the other day, and I won the $25. daily contest and made about $5 the first 2 days. It's similar to Gather

Update- Still waiting since Dec 2013 for account balance update. Have emailed them a few times with the same reply- They're working on it


Fairly new site similar to Gather. The points added up pretty fast. Waiting on my first Payout of $25.
Will let you know how it goes, but looks promising.
6/24 Update. Although they fell behind, I did receive my payment today, so I give this site an official "Doesn't suck" Thumbs up! 

Update: Gone

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fall Colors

Wow summer is just about over. Time to start getting out the Fall decor.
Here's some items i made with Fall in mind:

Halloween Colors Towel Holders
Fall Colors
Towels & Scrubbers Set
Mixed Colors Afghan
And so much more to see.

I also started adding some stocking stuffer gifts in my shop
Keyfobs, Bracelets, and more. A price to match everyone's budget!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It Took One Month, But It's Done

Here's the latest. I also worked on a few projects in between.
It's a corner to corner afghan. I used up some of my scrap yarn stash and also carried doily thread throughout. Measures 84x82
Now available in my shop HERE