Monday, July 1, 2019

Vintage Rug Yarn

Here's a rug i started making from some vintage rug yarn. It sure is easier then cutting up t shirts. (that's another project i'm working on) It is a bit rough on my hands though. I doubled up the yarn to give it more weight. Not sure how big it will end up to be. It all depends on when the yarn runs out. Stay tuned

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Small, Simple Project Phone/Water Bottle Pouch. Use Any Yarn or Hook Size.

This is so simple. You can use any size hook, and any yarn you want.

Make a chain a little wider than the width of your phone. then do a sc in each ch across. Make 3 scs in the end, depending on how wide you want to make it, you can add more, My phone measures 6 x 3 inches in this photo. Then sc in each ch down the other side, do 2 scs in last ch. Do not join-work in continuous spiral throughout.

After about 2-3 rows, check to see how snug your phone fits. If it's a little wide, just make a couple of sc decreases, 1 on each side should do it, do more if you need ti. Then just continue until it's the height you want. Add your strap by doing a chain as long as you like, go back over with a row of scs. Connect at the opposite end. The one i made here also fits a water bottle. The final measurement came out to by 7 x 4 - one inch bigger than my phone.

I wanted mine to be a bit thicker as to add protection, so i used one strand of ww acrylic and one strand of wavy homespun yarn held together.

I do have a few of these in stock if you would like to purchase them:

Cross Body Cell Phone / Water Bottle Pouch iPhone Sling Carrier Light Blue

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Another Afghan

Well i finished all of the sweaters and she loved them. (Whew)
So now it's slowed down so i'm adding more items to my shop. One of the most recent is this patchwork afghan. I usually make them in a bunch of different colors per square,(bottom one-sold) but i tried making this one a little different. It kind of reminds me of the bus from the Partridge family (Those younger than 50's will probably have to Google that).

 I've also made more towels,slippers, bags and added to my de stash supply section.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

New Custom Orders Between Custom Orders

I'm on #4 of 5 sweaters. The most time consuming i'm just about finished with. I also managed to finish a pair of slippers and a 53 inch door snake.
So i will post again when i get some time.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Large Custom Order & A Pattern Review

I've been working on a pretty big big order, Four sweaters. I sent her the first one and she loved it. So glad because i'm my own worse critic. It's a crochet pattern by Glenda Bohard-Avila called Gypsy Cardigan. She sells the pattern on Etsy.
 Gypsy Cardigan 

The cardigan is made with an open work pattern of treble crochet stitches, and comes with directions for different sizes. The first one i made (shown) was made with purple acrylic yarn called 0356 Amethyst by Red Heart. The pattern said you can use either acrylic or cotton. I'm now making the second one using a cotton yarn- Peaches & Creme Ecru. I bought all the store had, and figured i could go on line to get more, but i haven't found any. It only came in small skeins of 2.5 oz. I would have preferred to get it by the cone so less joining. I tried searching on line, but the few i found where expensive, like $8. and i only paid $1.77 in Walmart. I may have to be creative here with a color close enough and work it in the trim or something if i run short.

The only thing is although it's a fairly easy pattern, it's a lot of counting so it's not one of those patterns you can sit in front of the t.v. with. I foolishly though so and had to frog about two hours work out of the current sweater. Has increases at the ends.


Saturday, November 24, 2018

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