Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'm Crocheting As Fast As I Can

I can't make my door snakes fast enough. Now that the colder weather has arrived, i figured i would start on more cold weather items. Although i live in Florida, it does get chilly here at times also.
I came up with the idea from my own drafty door in my craft room. I would just throw a towel down in front of the door. It worked, but i thought why not crochet something.
I have quite a bit of mixed colors yarn, and craft eyes. I was even able to come up with my own pattern for the forked tongue. So here's a few i have available right now. I'm working on more and each one will be different colors/patterns.
Stay Warm

Door Snake

Door Snake

Door Snake

Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Holidays

Mortimer Elf and I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Great New Year

Yes it's hot here at Christmas time in Florida

Monday, December 7, 2015

Sop It Up Turtle Crochet Pattern

Someone had requested a pattern for the Sop It Up Turtle. It was a pattern i made up years ago after someone showed me an old one his mom had. The turtle shell , head , tail and legs are crocheted and attached  to it's body (made by sewing two washcloths together) and stuffing them a bit with fiberfill. I personally never used mine, but i could see how it would work to sop up a spill. I also have not tested it in the wash, but i would suggest low heat as cotton can shrink. I made up a pattern and wrote it down on Bubblews. Well Bubblews just shut down so it took my pattern also. I thought i had saved it somewhere, but didn't. Luckily i did make myself a turtle, so here's the pattern again from my visual. I will do my best. You will need to know some crochet terms, stitches which you can look up on you tube if unsure. It's too hard to explain. Thanks and good luck. Enjoy!

Sop It Up Turtle
Materials 2 wash cloths, Fiberfill, 2 buttons Cotton Yarn, Size H hook . I used a thicker cotton yarn, but not sure what kind and my hook size is a guess. Gage isn't very important, just as long as your shell is a bit smaller than your washcloth. Feel free to change hook size or add / subtract rows. This is a very rough pattern from memory/visual.

ROW 1-make a magic loop, ch 3, do7 dcs in loop, join w/sl st.. tighten loop.
ROW 2- Sl st in between next 2 dcs, ch 3 ,*dc in same space, ch 1, 2dcs in between next 2 dcs ch 1. repeat from *around. join with sl st. (16 dcs inc. the starting ch)
ROW 3- Sl st in the next ch 1 space,  ch 3 ,*2 dc in same space, ch 2, 3dcs in between next 2 dcs ch 2. repeat from *around. join with sl st.(8 groups of 3 dcs, and 8 ch 2 spaces.)
ROW 4-  Sl st in the next ch 3 space,  ch 3 ,*3 dc in same space, ch 3, 4dcs in the next space,  ch 3, . repeat from *around. join with sl st.(8 groups of 4 dcs, and 8 ch 3 spaces.)
Row 5- Sl st in the next ch 3 space, 5 dc in next space,* ch 6, make 6 dcs in next space, ch 6, rep from * around ( 8 groups of 6 dcs, and 8 ch 6 spaces)

I used the excess from the cut washcloths to stuff the head
See picture for placement
Row 1-Make magic loop, 12 scs in loop-join w/ sl st , ch 3
Row 2- Dc in each sc around- join w/sl st (12)
Row 3-4 Repeat row 2
Stuff  head and close up (i apparently just winged-it here)
Sew to shell (see picture for placement

Legs (make 4)
See picture for placement
Row 1- Join yarn in shell, ch 3, do 2 more dcs in next two dcs, ch 3, turn
Row 2- ch 3, do 2 more dcs in next two dcs, ch 3, turn
Row 4- ch 3, dc in same space (increase made) dc in next dc, 2 dcs in next dc (increase made) ch 3 turn
Row 5- ch 3, dc across (6 counting the ch 3)
Row 6-  ch 3, decrease over next 2 dcs, dc in next 2, decrease over last 2 dcs- finish. weave in end.

See picture for placement
Row 1-join yarn Ch 1 and do 3 scs across, ch 1 turn
Rows 2-6  sc across
Row 7- Decrease over the 3 scs-finish

I added a row of slip stitches around the edge of the turtle shell AFTER i added the legs, tail , continuing under along the edge of the head, This gives it a more finished look and also gave me a guide to make my sewing of the stuffed body easier.

Note: Your "shell" circle needs to be a bit smaller or about the same size as your washcloth at this point as it will raise up when stuffed. 

Cut your two washcloths into the biggest circles possible. Sew together (wrong sides facing) leaving a small place to add your stuffing,) Then sew up and sew to the bottom of the shell. I used an embroidery needle and more yarn which was a bit tough. If you have a sewing machine all the better.  Add button or fabric eyes if you wish.

This is a PATTERN i made that i'm sharing for FREE
You can sell items that you make using the pattern, the only thing I ask is that you put a link to my blog mentioning the pattern.

Do not sell the pattern and call it yours or i will release the wild monkeys!

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vintage Craft Supplies & A New Member of The Family

I have made a lot of progress going through my craft supplies. An elderly friend of mine (in her 90's) gave me a bunch of craft supplies years ago. Will all good intentions of making something with them someday, i stored them away. I did make a few things, but i know i just won't get around to it. Besides i need the room money.Things are a bit tough so i'm just doing what i can. There's a bunch more things going on, but that's a whole other book...

Anyway, i started listing them in my Etsy shop. There's a bunch of great supplies (mostly doll making) They date anywhere from the 60's up to the 80's. She used to crochet and make all sorts of dolls etc.

On a different subject, i forgot to mention i rescued yet another animal. Now a Cockatiel. I found him in the bushes outside of a restaurant. He was stuck in the ground cover. At first we thought it was a pigeon, but then i saw his head. Hubby grabbed him for me and we got a box from inside the restaurant.   I still can't believe how animals seem to find me. This was just a few weeks after my other bird had died at 13 yrs. Another bird i rescued from my pool as a half-bald baby that i hand raised. I was heartbroken.

So what's the chances? Here i had just finished cleaning out the bird cage and even had listed it for sale when i found this guy. I did check the lost/found pets and nothing was listed. So here's the newest member, my redneck cockatiel Cletus. I think he had injured his wing as he seemed like he was holding it a bit crooked, but was good in a couple of days. The poor guy pigged out when i put food and water in the cage with him. I wonder how long he was out on his own. He's lucky a hawk didn't find him or that he didn't end up on the road just a few feet away.
I want to get him a bigger cage since this isn't really big enough for him, but will do for now.
I ask him if he wants "Scratchy-Scratchy", and he comes over to the front of the cage and lets me reach in and scratch his head, but only me. He runs away from everyone else. He will let my son feed him a cracker through the cage, but that's as close as he can get. I'm trying to teach him to talk. I'm guessing he's not very old. The males have the dark cheeks. He's noisy when he wants to be. 
His wings aren't clipped, so i would like to bring him to a vet to get that done. It scares me to even try. Once that's done i want to let him hang outside of his cage. I think maybe he will get friendlier that way too.

So anyway, if you would like to see the newest listings in my shop, here's the link DebbieCrochets

Sunday, November 15, 2015

No Rules Tote Bag

 This is just a bag i made up as i went along. I didn't follow a pattern, or write one. You have to have some knowledge of crochet to make this, but pretty basic. Here i just explain the gist of it-no pattern.

Here's a scrap yarn tote i made (no pattern) But easy-All sc. Make bottom circle as big as you want- working in continuous rows-do not join. Then do even scs to make the sides, add handles as big as you want. I call this the No Rules Bag as i used whatever scraps i had,BUT keeping what i call 1 carry over color. That will be any color you choose, in this case i chose white as it blended it all together. I just held a few together at a time trying to maintain the same thickness, so at times i may have had 4 strands of fingering yarn then down to two strands of something thicker etc. Just use anything, I even used threads. Very strong and has a bit of weight to it.
Depending on how thick the yarns are will determine your hook size, For this i use a size N.
Handles. Figure out the spacing on each side. So if you have (example) 20 scs in the middle, do a chain of 40 or more for the handle (depending how big you want them), skip over the 20 scs on the bag, then join to the bag and do whatever amount for the side,the repeat for the other side. Then just work around in scs as many times as you want for the handle thickness.

1-Do some increases as needed at the tops of the handle so it stays flat if you like

2-If your sides start out too "fat" do some decreases in the first round (about every 10th one) not important if it's not even at end count. do another row even and repeat decreases if necessary.

3-Use any yarn you like, but try to stay away from any yarn that may possibly shrink. 
If you would rather buy this bag, it is still available in my Etsy shop  


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Good News, Bad News

Seems to be a roller coaster the past few weeks of good news and bad news.

Bad News- Hubbys aunt died (had a good run -in her 90's)
Good News- Son quit smoking :)
Bad News- My friends son died suddenly at 29
Good News- My health issues has been good now with the medication
Bad News- My sales have dropped very low.
Good news- I qualify for insurance help
Bad News- Have to make sales to pay for it & my meds
Good News- I'm not sick now
Bad News- Trying to find work, no luck
Good news -Anxiety has been gone 3 days now

Bad News- Paris
Bad News every time i watch the news. Some people are just messed up. No wonder i have anxiety.

Just trying to keep positive..