Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hello....Is Anyone There?

Just wanted to know if anyone reads my blog postings.  Maybe i'm doing something wrong and just don't or can't see amount of times read. Anyway here's the latest since i last posted...

I added a bunch of holiday themed kitchen towels and too many other items to mention. Check out my shop for the latest and get a jump start on your holiday shopping.

It's the height of hurricane season with an eye opening "almost" from Hurricane Erika. Luckily she pooped out before she came here. Just a nasty rainy day from the left-overs today. Now to keep a watch on Fred....
I'll take that as a second chance to get my hurricane supplies together...

P.S. If you could just comment so i know if  my blog is working or not -thanks

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Gone Fishin'

I haven't been posting much crochet lately due in part that our nephew came to visit for summer vacation. We did a lot of fishing and stuff the hubby and i normally don't do. I like fishing, but it's not hubbys favorite thing. Now i have to find a new fishing buddy.

One of the spots we went fishing was the Eau Gallie River. There for the first time since i moved to Florida, i saw Manatees. There was a group of about eight  swimming right near us. Naturally we had to find a new spot to fish.

Here's a picture i took of one of them. It was huge. I would guess this one was probably 6 feet long and could have pushed 800 pounds if not more. Gentle giants.
Sadly the Eau Gallie River is in pretty bad shape and has to be dredged (muck removed from the bottom of the river) It's been referred to as "Black Mayonnaise" . Where to put it is another story as it will smell pretty bad. The talk was to put it in our dump, but still debating.  From my understanding the muck was created by chemicals used in lawn care. The rainwater runoff brought it to the river. This and other things like rotting plants, algae etc. Either way, it's bad.

Other than that, i didn't catch anything. My nephew caught some little spotted trout (i think that's what is was) We would just release as i wouldn't eat anything from the river as it is now. Anyway, it was nice.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Tote Sold :)

I just sold the tote from the previous post and made the $15.00 donation to Gaiges go fund me page. I was donation # 199

Debbie Williams
1 min ago

Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Crochet Today & Support Gaige

Here's the latest bag i finished up this morning. It reminds me of a very hot fire the way the colors worked out.

I've been doing a lot of Tweeting and sharing Gaiges Twitter and GoFundMe pages. He's the 19 years old young man i mentioned on here that's fighting cancer. I don't know him personally,just from what i see on Facebook etc. but as a mother of two grown sons myself, i can't imagine what he and his family are going through. He has such a spirit about him that really gets to you. Always positive. He has a great following in our community. There's been all kinds of fund raising events for him here-car washes, restaurants just to name some. Adam Sandler even met with him when he heard that Gaige wanted to meet him.  He's now in a hospital in Texas to hopefully get into a clinical trial. The hospitals here in Florida have done all they can.Of course his parents are with him and staying at a hotel. This and the fact they both took a leave from their jobs and still have bills coming in for their home in Florida and what their insurance doesn't cover is something they don't need to worry over now.
If you can. follow Gaige on Twitter & his GoFundMe 
and Facebook
Even if you can't afford a donation, sharing his pages like i do, via Twitter, blogs etc helps.

Or if you have an Etsy shop, Artfire etc, maybe consider donating the proceeds of the sale of one of your items. That's what i'm going to do with this tote. 

Basket Bag

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sale Save 20% Now through July 20

Use code CROCHET20 to receive 20% off your purchase of $12.00 or more (excludes shipping)
 Expires 7/20/2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cancer Sucks. Let's Show Gaige Our Support

I don't have anything crochet related to share this time, but i do want to share Gaiges story.
He's from the same town i live in. He has non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Would you mind following/tweeting Gaige. He's 19 & fighting cancer .I don't know him, but want to help him get more followers. He has a new account and only has 52 followers. Lets show him we support him in his battle against cancer.

And here's the Facebook page where you can follow up on his progress

And his Go Fund Me page to help with the medical expenses etc.

I don't have the funds to donate, but i'm doing what i can by tweeting, blogging and sharing these links as much as i can to help.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Turning Something Old Into Something New

Here's something i came up with using old cotton t shirts. A pair of trivets. The turtle trivet is a single layer, while the square one is a double thickness. Sold together in my shop. More coming soon though may be different.

Use as hot pads , decor or even good to sop up a quick spill.
The Turtle measures approx 7 inches across x 10 tall. It's tail doubles as a hanging loop.
The square hot pad measures approx 7x7 and is double thick. Front and back designs differ a little in pattern and colors. One side is white with blue and the other side is white with a pinkish color.

Table Trivet Set / Hot Pad Set / Upcycled Cotton Hot Pads / Recycled Cotton T Shirts / Turtle Trivet / Square Hotpad