Monday, June 1, 2009

Spiked Center Flower Applique / Motif Crochet Pattern

Spiked Center Flower Motif
by Debbie Williams

WW Yarn (2 colors of choice)
Size H hook

Color A
Rnd 1: Chain 3 join to fist chain with a slip stitch to form a loop.Chain 3, Double crochet into loop 11 times . Join with a slip stitch to top of chain 3 (12 total) do not chain 1
Rnd 2: single crochet into next space between the chain 3 and next double crochet. chain 3, *single crochet in between next the next 2 double crochets,Chain 3 -Repeat from * around to last space. Chain 1, Half Double Crochet in first loop. Finish (12 loops) weave in any loose yarn ends.

Color B
Rnd 3: Join color B in any chain 3 space with a single crochet. Chain 2, do 2 Half Double Crochet in same loop, (*Single Crochet in next loop, chain 2, do 2 Half Double Crochet in same loop*) Repeat from * to * around. Join with a slip stitch to first single crochet. Weave in loose end.

*For best results, it is recommended to work pattern exactly as written. instructions have been checked for accuracy; however I am not responsible for typographical error, differences in individual interpretation or other variances.


Unknown said...

Great pattern, I loved it....though I wish you had like a video of you crocheting it. Though I love the free pattern, here is a place where you can get some free patterns like that excpt yours is a lot cooler,

Anonymous said...

Wow Deb - I love this cute flower applique. Oh and I love hearing the Christmas music as I'm checking your website out. Thanks for sharing your patterns.
Susan ~ From California :)