Friday, August 20, 2010

My Crochet Today

Did you ever have some yarn that you didn't know what to do with? I had a skein of a very pretty yarn, but couldn't figure out what to make. Then I got to thinking, I could add it along with my t-yarn and make some coasters.
I love the way they came out. I just crocheted the yarn and  the t yarn (t shirt yarn) togeather. Then I added a turquoise border from more t yarn. Made like my rag rugs, just a bit different.


Stitch 'n Frog said...

I like those too! The border really "finishes" them.

Wouldn't it be neat to make matching coasters for some of your rag rugs? I think they would sell well. At least the idea of matching rug and mug rugs appeals to me~

SarahBeth said...

I like them too! With the t yarn, they would be so absorbent!

Unknown said...

I like the coasters! I've been thinking what I can so the with yarns left over from projects. Have been thinking of wash cloths, but think I will do coasters and maybe pot holders too.