Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look What Was In My Tree Today

You hear these birds before you see them. They are called Quaker Parrots. They are very vocal. It's been said they escaped from a zoo years ago when there was a hurricane, and have since managed to thrive out in the wild.(I don't know if this is fact or not) Anyway, I was able to get some pictures of them.



Florence said...

Noisy but beautiful!

Unknown said...

I am a big bird enthusiast so I am thrilled to see the pictures of these birds!:) My twin and I started a collection of bird figurines over 10 years ago and it grew into a huge collection which is in a display unit. This collection now stands as a memorial to this interest that my twin sister and I shared. I have some pictures and posts about this on my Blog. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.