Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of Year.....NOT!

Well it's to be expected living in Florida, but i'm still not looking forward to the weather forecast. It looks like a hurricane is heading our way.They can change track, but as of right now they predict it hitting south Florida as a Cat. 1 at 85 mph, or just off the east coast and by the time it gets to my parts by Thursday-Friday, the winds will be around 60 mph., maybe a little stronger. Oh what fun!! Hurricanes also bring tornadoes. I went through bigger ones,(Francis & Jeanne Cats 2 & 3) so to me this will be a messy storm.
Well wish me luck

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Anonymous said...

I've lived on the East Coast most of my adult life... Charleston,SC and Virginia Beach, so I know the feeling! Good Luck and have fun!