Friday, January 13, 2012

This Site Looks Promising (from my view of sites that don't suck)

I just joined Cash To Sit. Seems easy enough, and best of all-no surveys & it's free. Here's what they say about how it works:
If you're interested in checking it out, here's the link
This program only works for us if we have many thousands of people using it daily. So we have come up with a great incentive to get you to get all of your friends to use this. When your friends sign up for our program using the link that we have provided you below, we will pay you for whatever they sell....Up to 6 levels deep. That means that you get paid on what your friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friends, friend sells as well.
This can add up to a whole lot of money every month for just doing what you and your friends do online anyway.

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