Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sites That Don't Suck PollBuzzer

This is a very easy site i joined. They send you questions regarding different products and such. The questions are multiple choice. You just choose one of the answers and that's it-$1.00 made in seconds.-No long surveys Yeah :)
Each time you answer a question, your PollBuzzer account is credited with $1 in earnings. You have two choices as to what you can do with those earnings. If you choose to keep the cash, you will be paid using PayPal. Each user may only register with one PayPal account. When you “cash out” using PayPal, you will receive your earnings, less the applicable transaction fee. PollBuzzer works with PayPal to ensure that our transactions are governed by the lowest fee possible for their system. Alternatively, you can choose to direct your earnings to a non-profit or charity. A list of non-profits that are eligible for contributions appears on the Payments page, and is subject to change. PollBuzzer will make monthly contributions to these non-profits in the full amounts that our panelists have directed us to donate. I use Paypal, and the funds are in my account in less than 24 hours.
To join just follow this link:
I've received $4.00 this afternoon for questions i answered this morning.

There's more info for their FAQ page

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