Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Crochet Today New Bracelet I Designed

I made up these bracelets with crochet and wooden beads. I like how they turned out.
I'll be making more in assorted colors and adding them to my shop.
Here's the ones i made in white and tan.


Doug said...

Very cool!

I'm particularly interested in how you do your sizing i.e. an initial chain or even fsc seems to have enough stretch to be frustrating and then when a few more rounds are added the stretch properties change.

Also, I'm curious if it is a continuous loop (rounds or spiral) or if you have a clasp of some kind).

I ask because I am looking to make a similar kind of thing (only much wider) as a platform for soft circuits...


Debs Crochet said...

Hi Doug

Basically, i just kept playing around with different hook sizes / yarn types. This one i used a size E hook. It's done in rows and the last bead just pops through the hole on the other side to close it.
Sorry, but i'm not very computer savvy and have no idea what a soft circuit is LOL. I'm guessing is you could take a measurement of the width and just make a starting chain that size. Then keep working back and forth in rows of sc. Then just connect it with sl stitches when it's the size you want.
:) Deb

Doug said...

Hey Deb,

Soft Circuits are a fusion of clothing and electronics. Usually involving LEDs and conductive thread at a minimum.

If I understand what you describe, you worked in rows across the band at your desired width of stitches until you had enough rows to complete the diameter of your wrist/forearm? (versus doing it like a scarf where you chain a bizzillion and but only have a few dozen rows?


Debs Crochet said...

Yes :)