Friday, December 7, 2012

Remember The Kitten I Found In The Woodpile?

The pictures on the right are when i found him, (6 ounces) about 3 weeks? and the ones on the right are his latest pictures.(9 months) I also kept Spankie ( I later found out she was a girl) So the first little rascal (Bucky) has an appt. to be neutered on the 17. I'll get Spankie done later on.Spankie was camera shy. I'll have to try to get her picture next time. I've been saving up the money i make from my crochet sales to help provide for them. After I get their shots etc, i'm going to try to introduce them to Simba (my 15 yr old cat.) I hand raised him too. He did not like them when we tried the last time. I figure if i just kind of sit them in the same area with them in each of their own cat carriers, that may work and the fur won't fly. May have to do it a while each day. Wish me luck.

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Just Ming said...

Good Luck! Your family of cats are so cute.