Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update On My Dog

 I spoke to the vet and she refilled the pain meds for my dog Nikki. I just give them as needed. Some days she doesn't even need them.She gets along pretty good, barks for her treats , and rolls on her back etc.
 I am having to stand behind her when she goes up the stairs now, as her one back leg is getting weak.. She fell the other day. Lucky it was just a couple of steps and she didn't hurt herself. The vet said without even having to do a biopsy, she's certain it's cancer. No guarantees how long she will live even if the tumor is removed. The tumor itself doesn't seem to be bothering her as much as the arthritis at times. I guess i will just have to keep a close watch on it. I just can't afford $500 for the surgery that there's not guarantee on. If it does come down to it bothering her, i guess if will have to make a decision then. I'm torn. If she has the surgery, it's going to be painful I don't want her to suffer, plus the fact she's going on 14. Keeshounds avg life range is around 15. I will have to put her down at some point. I would rather put an animal down that see it suffer as i have had to do before. I have seen some people let their poor pet go through pain etc just because they where too selfish to let the pet go, or where given false hope from a crooked vet that was just out to make a buck. I have made up my mind now.....No more dogs! Besides getting heartbroken when they die and worrying when they're sick, i just can't afford it.

Story on my Bubblews here: If you want see her photo. Give a "Click for Nick"


Doug said...

Glad to hear there are such good days and hoping for as many as possible.

Debs Crochet said...

Me too. Thanks Doug :)