Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Lack of Crochet

Well just starting to get back to normal. I had company pay a visit from NY, then i also had my nephew staying for a couple of weeks. Now that everything's settled, i'm getting back to concentrate more on my crocheting. I've only made some towels and a tote the past month. Now sure what my next project is going to bee yet, but i do have a big pile of t shirts i've been meaning to make another rug out of. I just wish there was some kind of machine i could get to cut them up for me. That's the hard part.

On another note, i've been doing great at Bubblews  If i work at it, i can cash out every other day now ($25 cash out). Gather is still having issues, so i haven't been able to post over there.

So i will be on the lookout for my next project..until then you can find what i have at Debbie Crochets

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