Friday, November 8, 2013

My Crochet Today T Yarn and Acrylic Yarn Basket Pattern

I crocheted a basket using a combination of t shirt yarn and acrylic yarn. I didn't use a pattern. I made it up as i went along, but as i remember:

 Row 1-magic loop, 7 scs, join,
 Row 2-Ch1, 2scs in ea sc (add an extra sc at end to "fill up" space)
 Row 3-Ch 1,*2 scs in next sc, 1 in next. Join  Repeat from * 
Row 4- Ch 1,* 2 scs in next sc, 1 sc in next 2 scs, Join Repeat from *
Row 5- Ch1,* 2 scs in next sc, 1 sc in next 3 scs. Repeat from *
Begin Sides:
Ch 1, (for this row only ) Now working with the acrylic yarn as well, sc in BLO of each sc around. Dec as needed so sides are nice and straight. I think this row i did 2 dcs. Space as evenly apart as you can, but doesn't have to be perfect.
Do not join, continue working in a spiral by just sc around.
Make as tall as you like, weave in yarn ends when finished.

Decreasing a few times as needed to make the sides more firm.The sides are 6 rows tall on my basket.
Size N hook
Acrylic yarn

I used approx 2 purple cotton t shirts, and the yarn is Red Heart Soft  Color: 7952 GEM. It has teal,purple,hot pink and lavender mixed colors in it.Very little used from a 4 oz skein. (check out the carousel on the bottom right of my page for some yarn choices. Any yarn will work) I want to try eyelash next time.
I did the bottom in just t yarn, and added the yarn for the remainder. No particular reason, was just an after thought.

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