Monday, December 7, 2015

Sop It Up Turtle Crochet Pattern

Someone had requested a pattern for the Sop It Up Turtle. It was a pattern i made up years ago after someone showed me an old one his mom had. The turtle shell , head , tail and legs are crocheted and attached  to it's body (made by sewing two washcloths together) and stuffing them a bit with fiberfill. I personally never used mine, but i could see how it would work to sop up a spill. I also have not tested it in the wash, but i would suggest low heat as cotton can shrink. I made up a pattern and wrote it down on Bubblews. Well Bubblews just shut down so it took my pattern also. I thought i had saved it somewhere, but didn't. Luckily i did make myself a turtle, so here's the pattern again from my visual. I will do my best. You will need to know some crochet terms, stitches which you can look up on you tube if unsure. It's too hard to explain. Thanks and good luck. Enjoy!

Sop It Up Turtle
Materials 2 wash cloths, Fiberfill, 2 buttons Cotton Yarn, Size H hook . I used a thicker cotton yarn, but not sure what kind and my hook size is a guess. Gage isn't very important, just as long as your shell is a bit smaller than your washcloth. Feel free to change hook size or add / subtract rows. This is a very rough pattern from memory/visual.

ROW 1-make a magic loop, ch 3, do7 dcs in loop, join w/sl st.. tighten loop.
ROW 2- Sl st in between next 2 dcs, ch 3 ,*dc in same space, ch 1, 2dcs in between next 2 dcs ch 1. repeat from *around. join with sl st. (16 dcs inc. the starting ch)
ROW 3- Sl st in the next ch 1 space,  ch 3 ,*2 dc in same space, ch 2, 3dcs in between next 2 dcs ch 2. repeat from *around. join with sl st.(8 groups of 3 dcs, and 8 ch 2 spaces.)
ROW 4-  Sl st in the next ch 3 space,  ch 3 ,*3 dc in same space, ch 3, 4dcs in the next space,  ch 3, . repeat from *around. join with sl st.(8 groups of 4 dcs, and 8 ch 3 spaces.)
Row 5- Sl st in the next ch 3 space, 5 dc in next space,* ch 6, make 6 dcs in next space, ch 6, rep from * around ( 8 groups of 6 dcs, and 8 ch 6 spaces)

I used the excess from the cut washcloths to stuff the head
See picture for placement
Row 1-Make magic loop, 12 scs in loop-join w/ sl st , ch 3
Row 2- Dc in each sc around- join w/sl st (12)
Row 3-4 Repeat row 2
Stuff  head and close up (i apparently just winged-it here)
Sew to shell (see picture for placement

Legs (make 4)
See picture for placement
Row 1- Join yarn in shell, ch 3, do 2 more dcs in next two dcs, ch 3, turn
Row 2- ch 3, do 2 more dcs in next two dcs, ch 3, turn
Row 4- ch 3, dc in same space (increase made) dc in next dc, 2 dcs in next dc (increase made) ch 3 turn
Row 5- ch 3, dc across (6 counting the ch 3)
Row 6-  ch 3, decrease over next 2 dcs, dc in next 2, decrease over last 2 dcs- finish. weave in end.

See picture for placement
Row 1-join yarn Ch 1 and do 3 scs across, ch 1 turn
Rows 2-6  sc across
Row 7- Decrease over the 3 scs-finish

I added a row of slip stitches around the edge of the turtle shell AFTER i added the legs, tail , continuing under along the edge of the head, This gives it a more finished look and also gave me a guide to make my sewing of the stuffed body easier.

Note: Your "shell" circle needs to be a bit smaller or about the same size as your washcloth at this point as it will raise up when stuffed. 

Cut your two washcloths into the biggest circles possible. Sew together (wrong sides facing) leaving a small place to add your stuffing,) Then sew up and sew to the bottom of the shell. I used an embroidery needle and more yarn which was a bit tough. If you have a sewing machine all the better.  Add button or fabric eyes if you wish.

This is a PATTERN i made that i'm sharing for FREE
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