Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Oh You Better Watch Out...

Can you believe the holidays are so close!

Since the hurricane, i've been working on adding a bunch of holiday themed kitchen towels. I still do have some turkey ones left also since they are pretty popular for little gifts, like maybe the teacher, neighbor, postal carrier just to name a few.

Besides that, i've been out of commission with a nasty bug that went through the house. Congestion, sore throat etc. It finally made it's exit, but has left me with a clogged up ear that i will be seeing the doctor about tomorrow. Maybe between the pressure of the hurricane, than that bug, i've got myself pretty clogged up. I hope he can fix it. Very annoying and i can't hear very well.

So anyway, that's the excitement here.
Here's the link to my towels section if you want to take a look. All kinds to choose from.

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