Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hurricane Irma is Coming :(

Nothing crochet related to write about tonight. Here it is the height of hurricane season in central Florida, and there's a monster storm churning my way. Irma is forecast to hit my area as a cat 4 storm. Still hoping it wobbles out to the sea and weakens. Basically it's just wait and see as hurricanes follow no rules.

We are at least not in an evacuation area, and my house sits up on a hill higher than the rest of my street. It's a wood three story, with the bottom floor being mostly block. That's where we will be when it gets bad. We can't get out of town as we have pets  1 dog, 1 cat, 1 five ft iguana, 1 bird and 1 chicken & fish. With the two small cars we would take, there wouldn't be room for everyone with the pet carriers etc. The roads out already have had problems with accidents and people running out of gas, or breaking down and abandoning the vehicles. Major traffic jams. No hotels, no flights etc. All around too expensive and dangerous.

I still left my shops open, just announced with the weather , any orders placed may not be shipped out for quite a while, if at all and i would do refunds if i can't deliver. (Hopefully i won't loose everything)

So that's the latest. I hope to come back and show you some new crochet after next Monday. Wish me luck- Deb


Kathleen J. said...

Wishing you and your family well. Stay safe and let us know after the storm how you all are.

Debs Crochet said...

Thank you Kathy, I will

Kathleen J. said...

Watching all the news from the safety of Wyoming. I really hope you are or can get above the expected storm surge. The waiting would be so hard for me. I hope you and all your family, human and the critters, are safe and well.

Debs Crochet said...

Thank you. Yes we are above the surge area and my house sits higher than all the other houses on my street. The cone moved West, so not we're just outside the cone on the right, but still projected to get winds about 80-100 and we're on the "dirty side". That can have tornados.