Sunday, June 14, 2015

Newest Crochet Shawl

Here's the newest crochet. It's a shawl i made with really soft yarn.

A great addition to your summer wardrobe.The design is perfect for when you need just a little extra to keep the chill away, but not overly heavy.
Measures approx 35 inches long down the center and 66 inches across the top.


Other than this, i haven't been crocheting much. I'm trying to deal with my new found anxiety that causes my throat to tighten. I'm learning different ways to deal with it such as breathing exercises. I don't want to take any meds. Just a part of menopause that i need to get through. But i am not enjoying this journey.
Anyway, i go back to the dr the end of the month so i do need to push myself and get busy so i can pay him the co pay. I figured out the hours he's open and the time he sends with each patient--he should be a wealthy guy. What takes me two days to crochet, he makes per minute i would say.
Well anyway, have to get in gear here. Until next time :)

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