Saturday, November 14, 2015

Good News, Bad News

Seems to be a roller coaster the past few weeks of good news and bad news.

Bad News- Hubbys aunt died (had a good run -in her 90's)
Good News- Son quit smoking :)
Bad News- My friends son died suddenly at 29
Good News- My health issues has been good now with the medication
Bad News- My sales have dropped very low.
Good news- I qualify for insurance help
Bad News- Have to make sales to pay for it & my meds
Good News- I'm not sick now
Bad News- Trying to find work, no luck
Good news -Anxiety has been gone 3 days now

Bad News- Paris
Bad News every time i watch the news. Some people are just messed up. No wonder i have anxiety.

Just trying to keep positive.. 

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