Sunday, November 15, 2015

No Rules Tote Bag

 This is just a bag i made up as i went along. I didn't follow a pattern, or write one. You have to have some knowledge of crochet to make this, but pretty basic. Here i just explain the gist of it-no pattern.

Here's a scrap yarn tote i made (no pattern) But easy-All sc. Make bottom circle as big as you want- working in continuous rows-do not join. Then do even scs to make the sides, add handles as big as you want. I call this the No Rules Bag as i used whatever scraps i had,BUT keeping what i call 1 carry over color. That will be any color you choose, in this case i chose white as it blended it all together. I just held a few together at a time trying to maintain the same thickness, so at times i may have had 4 strands of fingering yarn then down to two strands of something thicker etc. Just use anything, I even used threads. Very strong and has a bit of weight to it.
Depending on how thick the yarns are will determine your hook size, For this i use a size N.
Handles. Figure out the spacing on each side. So if you have (example) 20 scs in the middle, do a chain of 40 or more for the handle (depending how big you want them), skip over the 20 scs on the bag, then join to the bag and do whatever amount for the side,the repeat for the other side. Then just work around in scs as many times as you want for the handle thickness.

1-Do some increases as needed at the tops of the handle so it stays flat if you like

2-If your sides start out too "fat" do some decreases in the first round (about every 10th one) not important if it's not even at end count. do another row even and repeat decreases if necessary.

3-Use any yarn you like, but try to stay away from any yarn that may possibly shrink. 
If you would rather buy this bag, it is still available in my Etsy shop  


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