Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kittens Are Getting Big

Well as you know i intended on keeping just Buckwheat, but looks like Spanky is staying also. They get along so good playing and I think they would really be lost without one another. They are now just about three months old. When they reach four pounds, they can get neutered. I may space it so they're not done at the same time. I have yet to introduce them to my other cat Simba. I will put them next to each other in pet carriers and let them get to know each other that way just in case Simba acts up.


Menagerie Soaps said...

They are super cute!

Malea said...

OH! They are just so cute! :) We just got a dog, and when I went to make her a vet appointment, the receptionist had a kitten on her shoulder that looks a lot like these little guys.

Florence said...

They are so cute! Your Simba looks like my Samson. I'll have to post a new pic so you can see.