Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Not Crochet This Time

My crochet sales have slowed down, so i started on one of my projects that i throw to the side. I think we crocheters all have at least one project they do that with. This one isn't crochet, though a crochet hook is utilized. I am making my own version of a hook rug. The difference is I'm using cut up t shirt scraps that where too small to make my crocheted rugs with. First I cut the pieces into approx three inch stripes. Then using a size C crochet hook, i draw one end of the strip through one square, then bring the other end through the square directly above it. I then double knot it. I'm doing this with every square. I could have gotten away with skipping every other one, but didn't see that until i was too far into it. Oh well, no turning back now. I purchased a latch rug canvas on line. I also folded over each end and worked through both thicknesses on the ends so it doesn't fray. I may get this project done in the year 2015 or so at this rate . It will be pretty when it's done though. I'm not sure if I'm going to add a reinforced backing or not yet.  
I use a longer piece to keep track of where i left off.


Alicia said...

What a great idea. Beautiful rug!!

spot on white pants said...

I just finished an approximately 18X24 one of these, 5,700 pieces. I started off by knotting the strands but thought there has to be an easier way and there is, double sided fusible interfacing!! Turn the rug over,put down the interfacing,then a backing fabric and then iron to activate the adhesive. Viola, the strands are held in place without knotting. Not knotting saves A LOT of time!