Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Crochet Today

I've made a few projects since my last post. One was a coaster / trivet set made with yarn and sisal twine. They came out very nice, but the twine stinks. That's a disappointment. I tried soaking it in pine sol and water and let it air dry, but it didn't work. Next i'm going to try to soak them in vinegar , water and baking soda.I figure i have nothing to loose at this point. If all else fails, i will string them up as a yard decoration.

Some other crochet i've been making are looped towel holders. I have had people tell me that they like my button top towel holders, but do not have handles that they could hang them from.
So here's the new towel holders I made to solve that problem. The open loop allows you to hang it over your cabinet knobs and allows the towel to face out and be displayed.
These looped crochet towel holders are so convenient. Just slip over your cabinet knob where you want to hang your towel ,and insert your towel through the loop on the other end.
Here's a custom order i just completed. I have more in MY SHOP, and still adding more.

 I hope everyone is staying as warm as they can be with the awful weather you've been having. Here in Florida, it's been pretty good.

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jane coquillon said...

That's such a great idea, Deb!

I crocheted onto some tea towels for my mother a couple of years ago and completely didn't realize her kitchen handles are different to mine!